Monday, August 23, 2010

7 Hour Lunch

This morning I woke to a wonderful gift.... it was in my inbox.... a note from a friend of Robin from college. To quote Mary (Robin's mom), letters like this remind us that "we will never know just how many people think of her daily"... how many lives she touched and continues to touch!

I wanted to share with you my favorite memory of Robin, as it has become one of my favorite memories of college.

It was Robin's 23rd birthday. We all had classes that day. A friend of ours called me around 11 AM, and said that the plan was to take Robin to our favorite Irish Pub for a fun birthday "lunch" before classes. I dropped my books off in the classroom for my next class (I had about 2 hours until class started), and we went out for lunch.

Four of us went out and had lunch, and maybe a Guinness or two. We all danced and laughed in the empty bar. The bar tender gave us each plastic "Easter Egg" necklaces that we wore with pride. We had one of the most fun afternoons that I can remember. It was not until the sun went down that we realized how long we had been there. Time seemed irrelevant when we were with Robin. We had all missed our classes - but it was worth it. With Robin, life was the priority. Having one day to pretend that we did not have any responsibilities was something that we all needed. The consequences of playing hooky were worth it to have that one memory.

Robin laughed as they dropped me back off at school and watched me do the walk of shame back into the classroom so I could collect my books for the class that I never made it to. She helped me come up with ridiculous excuses for why I was well enough to drop my books off, but unable to make it to any class that day. Our lunch had lasted over 7 hours. It was one of those memories that my (now) fiance cherish when we think back to our favorite days in college.

We loved Robin. For as long as I live I will never forget her and how fun the world was when we were with her. I wish all of you the best. Take care.

~Lots of Love,

Thank you so much Kristin & to all who help to keep our sweet Robin's memory alive!!!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

4 years

Today is the day we all stand so brave ...missin my beautiful baby girl, my best friend ...
...crossing to the other side sister Carolyn had this banner made ...WOW
written by Mary (mom)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Happy Birthday

"Robin Lea "would be 28 years old today if God wouldn't have taken her away much as it hurts we must understand that it was his plan ...every day for the last four years I look at her picture and wish she was her ...but God gives me the Grace to take a deep breath & thank him for the 24 years I had ...Mom misses you baby girl ...Happy Birthday


Monday, January 11, 2010

Robin's Cross & Cousin

Mary also sent me this email the other day:
Hey, I just wanted to share ...I sent this necklace I made at Texas Homegrown to Montae for her birthday ..she just got it today and sent this pic to me ...maybe it's just me but before I could even open it I could see how much see looks like Robin (or Robin looked like her) ...sweet ...mnm

The center picture is Robin's cousin. Dax and I both thought the picture was Robin when we first opened the attachment. I thought it would be cool to put it with photos of Robin....of course I think we could add Mary into it too because they all favor so much!!!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Just some thoughts...

So today I was catching up on my google reader and read a post from my friend Thad. He is a friend of mine from high school. This post was a recount of the day he had a wreck. In the whole post he points out the blessings of the day. It's weird.... it just hit me hard. How it could have been different... for him....for us. I am thankful he is ok and is here to share his blessings. And rather than focusing on ever thing I wish was different for Robin.... I thought I would focus my thoughts on some blessings that surrounded us at that time.

On the day Robin died I had watched City of Angels. Even though I had seen it before and really hadn't wanted to watch such a hard subject again.....I couldn't take my eyes off. After it was over I got up feeling like I needed to make sure we made the most of EVERY moment. We spent the whole evening outside at the neighbors. Dax and I talked with our friends and laughed. I really remember feeling peaceful and happy. My leg had been in such pain that had been rare! What is wild neither one of us had our cell phones (we always do). When we went home, we got the kids in bed and said prayers. They went right to sleep (amazing for 2, 4, 7 and 7 yr olds). Then the phone rang..... the call we had been missing all night..... HE knew we needed that evening of peace and friendship....that our babies needed a good nights rest before they had to hear news that would shake their world....that Dax and I could cry together all night before telling the kids.

Although, any day I would rather read a blog post like Thad's from Robin telling of her blessings the day of the wreck....that she had walked sweet it was to hug her family after.... I am confident that she was welcomed into Heaven that day.... greeted by her grandfathers, uncles, and all those that went before her.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Robin Available

Mom/ Mary shared a group of beautiful photos she had taken. The last one made her think Robin was telling Dax Happy Birthday! See the orb in the middle! Below is her account of how Robin was speaking to them both!


I was checking my email and had been on the computer for a while and all of sudden Yahoo Messenger pops up ...but its from Robin saying Robin's available ...I jump back in shock ...and i ask her how can she be available ? ...i grab-ed my phone and ran outside and my friend Edie ...i was just boo hooing and couldn't speak ...then i calmed down and i was ok enough to call Dax ...

It started sat night with the orb ...then yahoo messenger ... and when I took my exit I was escorted by a blue mustang ( just like Robin's ) all the way til the street before yours...all I know is Robin really wanted to say Happy Birthday to her brother ...that's why I gave him the birthday pic she drew when she was like 7 yrs old ...

I so miss her but she's with us all ...all the time ...
I love you ...Mary

Thursday, August 13, 2009

3 years

Well, it has been 3 years since you left and we all still miss you so much! Today, our crew is spending the day making happy memories. Dax is off work and we are going to take the kids to the children's museum. Just a couple of days ago, Jax was talking at dinner time about how BLESSED we are with family. He went on about every single person he loves and who loves him. Then he said I wish Aunt Robin didn't have to go to HEAVEN! It still stops everything.... Dax and I just quickly said "us too!" and then the rest of the crew joined in! Well, Robbie you are loved and missed. Watch over our babies and keep them safe!

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